Trade-Ins & Recycling

Tantra often accepts your old computer as a Trade-In or for Recycling when you are buying new (or newer) Computers from us.

We would like to see the computers to confirm what we will offer, but we may be able to give you an indication of its value in advance before you travel here if you could let us know its Serial Number (from ‘About this Mac’) and if possible its processor speed, memory and storage drive size.

Computers that are Core-i5 Processor still have value but those with the older Core-i3 or Core2Duo processors and pre-2012 or older are now relatively slow and worth quite a bit less. Anything pre-2009 is about worthless.

If you are simply wishing to have the data transferred off the old hard drive in the computer but have no need for it after that – then we can recycle it for you.

We offer a free service of securely deleting hard drives if you have data that is personal, private or financial and can return the blank drive to you if you wish.
There would be  a small charge -£5- £10 if there is a lot of data (over 500Gb )


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