Terms and Conditions

TANTRA Ltd (Computers),  TERMS OF TRADE 2015

1  Customers Data

Customers who require repair on their computers who have not backed up all of their own data, workfiles, software and system customisation features must inform Tantra Computers of this and request that their data is backed up before repairs are started. Charges for hard drive backup vary with the size of the drive and the speed of the computer and so typically will cost about £55 + vat. We cannot guarantee that if there are any corrupt files on your hard drive that we will be able to back them up for you. If you want us to attempt 100% data backup this may require data recovery to complete which is chargeable at £55 per hour

2    System Version Upgrades

If the existing system on a computer being repaired is corrupt, partially damaged, or unreliable it is often worth upgrading the system version to a more recent version. Apple is continually improving its system software but it does inevitably get larger and requires more memory and the faster processors of the day to run adequately. While newer system software may solve problems you were having before, it may also bring new compatibility problems and we cannot be held responsible for some of the compatibility issues raised. (Our time spent curing these issues is chargeable). For instance new system software may require that you upgrade the software driver for your non-apple printer or scanner or peripheral device. If these are old devices it may be quite difficult to upgrade them. Sometimes after upgrading system software it is necessary to reinstall peripheral device drivers and so it is necessary that you let us have these (CD’s) for the duration of the repair. We are not liable for delays or costs if you do not have these. Many are downloadable, some are not.

3    Customer Software Compatibility

If the repair on your computer has necessitated reformating the hard drive and reinstalling system software or any change in the ‘intermesh’ of your original software, the time taken to re-establish that intermesh (in so far as that is possible) is chargeable and we are not liable if it is not possible ( whether by corruption of your software, changes in software versions or unknown changes in the hardware base which were not traceable)

4    Terms & Conditions

We will only accept computers or peripherals for repair on the terms laid out and are not liable for any third party claims or losses caused by absence to you of the equipment.

In the event of loss or delay caused by couriers when equipment is being sent on to Apple or other repairing agents, we are not liable for any consequential loss as a result of being without the equipment. The costs of hire or loan equipment is not included.

5    Apple Warranty Repairs – New Computers

 The normal period of Warranty that Apple Computers offers with NEW equipment is 1 year. You can deal with any Apple store worldwide for this. If you feel 1 year is not enough you can buy AppleCare which gives an extra 2 years ( 3 years in total) for between £100 and £200 depending on the computer.

Computers received in for Apple Warranty Repair are received without liability as we must forward them to Apple.

Issues related to goods being within Warranty, Extended Warranty, Battery Exchange Program or any other Warranty program will remain an issue between the customer and Apple UK.to arrange carriage yourself.

Issues related to goods damaged in transit will be deemed at the customers risk and compensation will rely solely on that paid by the Courier and/or standard Coversure Cargo Cover Insurance.

Any disputes will solely be redressed by the Courier and Coversure (If you are not happy with these arrangements you will need to arrnge additional cover yourself. Tantra Ltd serve only to diagnose the likely fault and direct you to the best solution for this. We ship the goods to the appropriate Apple Repair Depot and the customer is liable for the carriage costs there and back.

If Data needs to be backed up from the computer before it is sent off (when hard drive issues may be involved) we need to charge for this work as Software is NOT covered by the Apple Warranty Repair programs

6    Warranties  – Refurb or Second Hand Computers The warranty on Refurb equipment is limited to strictly 30 days  and again additional warranties may be available for purchase: 1 year between £100 and £160 or 2 years between £200 and £300 depending on the value and age of the equipment. On some second hand equipment where we know the entire history of the computer we may offer a 3 month warranty – but these are very few.. Please ask for additional information about the risks inherent in second hand equipment – ( typically about 12% risk of failure – compared to 2% risk with new equipment )  A high percentage of computers are likely to have some fault within 3 – 6 years whether a hard drive failure (most common) or optical drive failure, Ram, or other failure and so it is sensible to insure against the risk of this happening with warranty. Warranties do not cover software failure, Loss, Accidental Damage, Theft or normal wear and tear. You must get computers to us that have a problem strictly within the Warranty period. It it not sufficient to report it but fail to bring it in within the period. It is also necessary that we do the repair here- you may not take it elsewhere and then bill us for the work.

7    Returns

Customers are entitled to return goods if they can show there is an adequate legal reason for doing so. A manufacturing fault, damage in transit, wrong goods from what they ordered constitute good reason but customer remorse (no longer wanting the item) is not.

8    Data Loss

Tantra Ltd accepts computers for repair on the condition that it is not liable for any loss of data from the storage drives internally or attached. Nor are we liable for any consequential loss associated with any data loss.

It is the customers ultimate responsibility to ensure that his/her important data is fully backed up before handing it in for repair.

If problems with the computer have prevented the customer backing up their own current work and they specifically request that Tantra does this for them, we will endeavour to do this as long as the data is recoverable but if the data is partially damaged and requires detailed recovery procedures this extra time will be chargeable and any files that are not recoverable – we are in no way liable for.

Apart from gross negligence we are not liable for any errors in the copying process or unflagged failures of our equipment, temporary electricity outages, computer crashes or technical problems beyond our control or oversight.

When data is backed up to our customer data storage drives we are only able to keep this data for a short time as we have a constant stream of clients requiring this space. We therefore will need to delete this backup after 6  to 12 weeks. Customers should check their data within this reasonable period of time after a service.

Where appropriate we will move data from old small or failing hard drives onto new larger replacement drives or computers directly without making intermediate backup. For this process the old computer and the new both need to be present.

We are not forensic data recovery experts but we are in regular contact with a specialist company that does this. Typical costs are between £250 – £350 economy (10-14 days) and £600-£800 premium (24-48 hrs) to rebuild and recover a hard drive

8    Customisation

When a computer comes in with software issues we back up the customers data first, wipe the hard drive, install a fresh system (updated version if necessary) install any program updates and restore the customers data. We will attempt to restore as many preferences as possible but it may not be possible to restore all preference settings without risking returning the original cause of the problems the computer was in for repair for. It is important that customers tell us what program settings are important to them. (Like Safari bookmarks, Address Book contacts, iTunes, iPhotos, Entourage email etc  but we may not know the more obscure ones unless you specifically tell us. We are not liable for any inconvenience caused by any failure of restoring computer preferences.

7    Payment

All invoices for services must be settled before the equipment is removed from the workshop. Where computers are sent away to Apple or other repair agents for estimates there is a typical diagnostic charge of £60 +vat (there will also be a carriage charge) even if the work is declined. If you wish to continue with the repair this diagnostic charge is absorbed into the total labout cost for the work. Such work done away from Tantra is payable at the time approval is given for the repair.

J P Douglas MD,

Tantra Ltd