Terms and Condition

TANTRA Ltd (Computers), TERMS OF TRADE 2016

1 Customers Data
Customers who require repair on their computers who have not backed up all of their own data, work-files, software and system customisation features must inform Tantra Computers of this and request that their data is backed up before repairs are started. Charges for hard drive backup vary with the size of the drive and the speed of the computer and so typically will cost about £55 + vat. We cannot guarantee that if there are any corrupt files on your hard drive that we will be able to back them up for you. If you want us to attempt 100% data backup this may require data recovery to complete which is chargeable and can cost a great deal – typically £35 per hours

9 Payment
All invoices for services must be settled before the equipment is removed from the workshop. Where computers are sent away to Apple or other repair agents for estimates there is a typical diagnostic charge of £60 +vat (there will also be a carriage charge) even if the work is declined. If you wish to continue with the repair this diagnostic charge is absorbed into the total labour cost for the work. Such work done away from Tantra is payable at the time approval is given for the repair.

10 Abandoned or ‘Forgotten to Collect’ Computers
Computers left for diagnostic or service which are not claimed within 3 months will deem to have been abandoned and will be recycled or scrapped as appropriate. We regret we do not have room for long term storage