Domain Registration and Hosting

Domain Registration

We also register domains, and can host your website, organise e-commerce solutions (including shopping baskets and secure online credit card payments), database integration and search facilities, and a complete web site design and construction service. A full range of domain names are available:, .com, .biz, .ltd, .net .tv, .me, and many more  To register a domain takes 24 – 48 hours and costs  £25+ Vat / year although we offer a discount on 3 years registration renewals for £60 + Vat. We can do a search to see if the name you want is available or suggest alternatives close to what you want.


As well as registering your new domain we can host the website for you on our highly maintained and very secure servers on one of the main hubs or nodes to the internet backbone in Manchester. All the basic html hosting solutions cost £50 +Vat per year but normally we offer a 3 year Discount Package for £125 +Vat.  We also have more sophisticated and Advanced Hosting incorporating the highly acclaimed CPanel utilities & Windows Hosting and Secure Hosting (SSL) for e-commerce sites.



We can set you up immediately with an email address at our own mail server. this has a £30+Vat sign up charge which covers for 5 years. It includes our international  ‘Webmail’ service which allows you to send and receive mail from any computer anywhere in the world by logging on to

This includes Secure Authenticated Email which allows you to send and receive email from your own computer anywhere in the world


Our support is second to none. We are accessible from 9 am till 6pm weekdays on either of the Tantra telephone numbers (0117 983 6999 or 0117 972 4708) or via IDNet Support (