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Cudworth painting

At this time we have a major problem with our printer and are unable to offer print services

Tantra has been involved in reproduction by lithography and silkscreen for 40 years but now we can offer a new archival service for Artists, Painters, Printmakers, and Graphic Designers. We have wide format (up to 44″ wide) Archival giclee printers that can produce virtually any size print from A4 to A0, to an extremely high quality that will last for over 100 years. These prints can be framed and sold as limited edition prints having the vibrancy and accuracy of the originals.

Giclée Reproduction 
Reproduce your fine art paintings, artwork or photographs at full size on Art Papers or Archival Matt Paper or a Canvas print that can last up from 100 to 200 years and is virtually indistinguishable from the original. Using the phenomenal new Giclée process we can produce high quality prints direct from your digital files, sent in on CD (If from your original – see below) or we can scan artwork for you.

Giclee Prices

Colour proofs

We offer a proofing service, where colour matches to your supplied original, or supplied printed proof are required. We will print your image at A4 size, on the media of your choice, at a cost of £15.+ VAT The proof will be sent to you for approval, then you can call, or email to go ahead with the final print or tell us of any adjustments which need to be madeIf a quantity of 12 prints or more of the same image are ordered, we will include free proofing.

Please tell us when you order if you do NOT need a colour proof. We will colour match to our monitor image, and although a fine print can be produced, it is not guaranteed to look like your monitor image. Printing without a proof is not recommended and will be at your own risk.


Canvas prints are not waterproof and can be scratched. To protect them it is recommended to have 3 coats of varnish applied.

Canvas Stretching

We can have your canvas stretched around a wooden frame and protected with 3 coats of varnish.

Image Archiving – We keep the finished digital files ready to reprint until you instruct us to delete them, there is no charge for this service.

For all orders please add: VAT @ 17.5% and Postage – For small orders £5 special delivery.
See the price chart for discount prices on large quantity orders.


These prints have been produced using the highest quality Pigment-based Inks and Archival Matte Papers available in the world today. They have a life expectancy in excess of 100 years (given normal hanging or storage conditions, which for prints would be indoors, under glass.) Care should reasonably be taken to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, excessive heat, or damp. The secret of this longevity is the special reaction between the Pigment Inks and the Archival Paper Coating which bond permanently. Extensive testing has been conducted over several years based on accelerated fade tests where prints are exposed to increased levels of Ultra Violet light and accurate analysis over all the colours can determine the rate of decomposition. All colours fade but we do know now the rate at which they fade.


Groups  Paper Media Types
Group A  Archival matt 180gsm
Group B  Enhanced matt 190gsm
Group C  Watercolour 190gsm
Group D  Smooth Fine Art 225gsm  Adhesive Vinyl 340gsml
Group E  Canvas 390gsm  Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308gsm  Textured Fine Art 225gsm
Group F  Fabric Banner Matt 190gsm


Groups Size  Square Cms  Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
A4 29.7 x 21cm  624 sq cm  £9  £9.50  £10  £11  £11.50  £11.50
A3 29.7 x 42cm  1247 sq cm  £14  £15  £16  £18  £19  £19.50
A2 42 x 59.4cm  2495 sq cm  £22  £23  £25  £30  £31  £32
A1 59.4 x 84cm 4996 sq cm  £38  £39  £43  £53  £54  £57
A0 84 x 119cm 9999.9 sq cm  £62  £65  £74  £91  £95  £100

Please remember to add VAT and Postage to the price, and the Proof charge if needed.


  Print Ordering Process
 Step 1   Choose the type of paper/canvas you require.
 Step 2  Decide on the size of your print.To use the price chart guide, multiply the width of your image by the height, this will give you the print area in square centimeters.
Look along the bottom of the chart for the size. then read up the line until you get to the coloured line for your paper choice, then look to the left for an approximate price.
Remember to add VAT @17.5% and postage.
 Step 3  contact by email or telephone us for an exact quote
 Step 4 Post or email your file with an order. High quality Image files are quite large, so we normally receive posted CD’s.If your file is under say 5MB, then you may want to use email, files of this size will normally only print at a good quality,
If the print size is under A3 (40cm x 30cm), depending on the kind of image, (you can send us file and we will ascertain if it is good for printing).
 Post Check List  Post CD with a copy of the file,  Note the iMage Size and number of copies you require, Paper type and confirm you want a proof.
Your payment details, either a Cheque or you can call with your card details.  Also your address and contact details


price chart title

price chart


Digital Murals Site      We can produce large wall sized Prints.
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