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ADSL Broadband

Tantra Computers offers a complete ADSL Internet service
We offer ADSL Broadband connections over existing copper (BT) phone lines for a similar price to BT but with much better support! Speeds of up to 8Mbit/Sec are available dependant on your quality of line, local exchange, and your distance from it. Speeds are steadily being improved as the technology, cabling and infrastructure are upgraded. Depending on your line we can supply IP Stream Max or the new ADSL2 which requires a modern ADSL2 Modem/Router. There are 5 usage bands (or Caps) depending on how much data you download each month:

5 20 45 110 Gb per Month
 £16  £18  £24  £39  + Vat

Most people are Ok with 5Gb, heavier users (YouTube and music streaming) may need 20Gb and heaviest video streamers may want 45Gb. Sometimes professionals need 110Gb

If you dont already have it – or if your present connection is a pain – get Tantra Broadband in your home and you’ll soon see what a difference it makes to your life. Fast web pages, music and radio stream more smoothly and you can download large images, mpegs and attachments in seconds! Pay annually and benefit from no set up charges and discount prices- after the first year you can cancel at the end of any month and the rest of the year will be refunded!

With fast download speeds and an ‘always on’ connection Broadband brings the internet to life. Experience the vivid action of video games as you’ve never played them before. Track after track of digital music can be downloaded from anywhere on the Net at incredibly high speeds. Streaming video through broadband approaches terrestrial TV quality.
Our broadband package offers:
Fixed Monthly Fee -but Paid annually!
Ability to use the phone and internet simultaneously
A choice of payment options
Technical Support with humans on the end of the phone line!
We can run line checks and diagnose connection and speed problems and pinpoint whether it is a software issue or a hardware/line problem that needs to be escalated to the carrier (BT)


Current Pricing (Up to 8MBs/5Gb Cap):

Pay Annually!
£216 + vat – no admin fee!

WLS Router

If you have more than one computer or you are thinking of using more than one in the future, you may want to consider an ADSL Router. A router allows you to connect more than one computer to the internet at the same time. With a wireless router you can connect a laptop and walk around the house while connected to the internet.

These devices work with both PC and Mac

We can supply these:

£59 +Vat for the Wireless N Router / Firewall / 4 port PLUS  – extremely fast ADSL2+

£3 +Vat for the Splitter/ Filter needed for each phone socket in your house

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