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Tantra Creative

As well as serving the cream of Bristol graphic designers, Tantra is offers guidance for multimedia and music producers. We link to expert staff who share with you their knowledge on setting up a full recording studio or just a bedroom setup for you to express your creativity. Typical Software you will need is Logic Audio, Reason, Ableton Live, Traktor and possibly Cubase SX


An Introduction to Music and Audio

There are several elements that you will need if you are going to get serious about creating music on a Mac. The hardware simply boils down to a digital audio interface, MIDI interface, keyboard and of course your computer. Once this has been installed you will need to choose the right software to control it all.
OMS 2.3.8, Opcode’s Open Music System, is a free MIDI routing system that is required for MIDI serial and USB interfacing on Mac OS9. MIDI and audio routing is built into Mac OSX, at the system level.
A sequencing application such as Apple Logic Audio, or Steinberg Cubase SX, is also essential if you are going to be requiring professional hardware support for your new equipment, this will allow you to layer multiple audio and MIDI tracks, and control several devices at once.



We can offer help on all of these aspects, for example ‘which would be the best system for me to produce dance music at home?’ so give us a call or email for some sound advice. If we cant help – we know the man who can.

These are some of the Audio products we offer