USB-C Power Adaptors


USB-C Power Adaptors have a deep USB-C secure connection instead of magnetic and no longer have an indicator light. also the lead can now separate from the power block

The AC wall adaptor gives you a more compact and easier way to travel.

  • 29W is compatible with MacBook
  • 61W is compatible with 13-inch MacBook Pro Touchbar (and non Touchbar)
  • 87W is compatible with 15.4″ MacBook Pro

 Ensure you buy the correct one if you want the battery to charge while you are using the laptop




USB-C Power adaptors recharge the battery while the system is Off, On, or in Sleep mode. It also powers the system if you choose to operate without a battery.

Avoid putting your laptop away with the power lead still connected to it – or fraying of the lead near the computer (or near the adapter block) seems the result and they are not cheap to replace

The new USB-C adapter does not include the lead – so remember to order this separately

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