Ram: iMac 21″ & 27″ (Mid 2010 – early 2011)-1333


High Quality Kingston Memory upgrades -DDR3 SDRAM – PC3-10600 with Warranty. Available in 2Gb, 4Gb. Fits in the iMac  27″ and 21″ (Mid 2010 – Early 2011)  MacBook Pros 13″, 15″ & 17″ (early 2011)   Ring us if you want to order memory for an older Mac or are not sure what you need

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High Quality Memory Upgrades for the iMac 27″ and iMac 21.5″ (from Mid 2010 till Early 2011) and MacBook Pro 13″, 15″and 17″ (from early 2011).

You can check if this is the right memory for your Mac if you go to ‘About This Mac’ (under the Apple) and then to ‘Memory’ – it will say if the memory is 1333 MHz or not. You can fit these yourself in the iMac in a few minutes through the access slots at the base of the screen – underneath. This Ram memory is available in 2Gb and 4Gb

On the MacBook Pros it means removing 10 phillips screws with the correct tiny screwdriver and takes 5 – 15 minutes depending on how nimble your fingers are. Or if you bring the laptop in to us we can upgrade it in 5 minutes (free)  Remember you will normally need to order these in pairs to benefit from greater interleave speeds.

  • iMac Intel Core i3/i5 21.5-inch (Mid 2010)
  • iMac Intel Core i5/i7 21.5-inch (Early 2011)
  • iMac Intel Core i5/i7 27-inch (Early 2011)
  • iMac Intel Core i5/i7 27-inch (Mid 2010)
  • MacBook Pro (DDR3) 13-inch (Early 2011)
  • MacBook Pro (DDR3) 15-inch (Early 2011)
  • MacBook Pro (DDR3) 17-inch (Early 2011)

This product may be sometimes unavailable or discontinued and may be substituted with Crucial 4Gb DDR3-1333 CL9 SoDimm PC3-10600 204pin 1.35V/1.5V Mac which we can supply for the same price

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