MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina 2.3GHz /128


The highest-resolution notebook ever in the thinnest, lightest case. You just have to see this and you will never go back – over four million pixels of exquisite detail- so sharp that the naked eye cannot see the pixels without a magnifier. Razor sharp text and a level of clarity never seen before. All ultra-fast Flash storage, the processor graphics and in-out all benefit from the higher bandwidth speeds on offer.
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Over 4 million pixels (2560×1600 pixels) Retina screen showing exquisite detail, vibrant colours and razor sharp text. 75% reduction in glare. Ultra Light and even thinner (1.5cm), with a powerful Intel Dual-core i5 processor, ultra-fast Flash Storage with a capacity of 128Gb, 8Gb of Ram memory and Intel Iris Plus640 Graphics. At one.five centimetres thick – because it uses incredibly compact Flash storage – there is space created for a bigger battery that will last 10 hours and 1000 full charge and discharge cycles. Incorporates new Muti-Touch technology that allows gestures: Swipe, Pinch and Rotate – a whole extension to the ‘touch language’ of the Notebook.

This is a normal sized keyboard and backlit for typing in low light. When it has not been used for an hour it goes into standby mode (deep sleep) and you can come back to it up to a month later and its ready to continue. The MacBook Pro has a highly engineered, strong case and a full HD FaceTime camera giving Video Calls in 720p. It has the new Thunderbolt ultra-fast pipe plus USB3 connection and auto-seeking Wireless network connectivity. IPS technology gives a wide 178 degree view of everything on screen.

This model is the one without the Touch-Bar Technology




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Weight 1.37 kg
Dimensions 30.4 x 21.3 x 1.5 cm


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