Mac mini 2.6GHz Core-i5


Ultra fast and flexible the new Mac Mini packs phenomenal power into a very compact case. “Honey! they shrunk the Mac” – Intel Core Processors, faster integrated graphics, the new Thunderbolt pipe connection and  plenty of ports. Small space, tight budget or just a handy entry into what Macs are about.
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The ultra compact Mac mini with 2.6GHz Intel Core i5 (with Turbo Boost to 3.1Ghz) 3Mb L3 cache, 8Gb memory, 1Tb hard drive (5400rpm) and integrated Intel HD Iris Graphics. It sports the new Thunderbolt dual pipe connection for  two 10-Gbps channels for data transfer – thats up to 12 times faster than Firewire 800 and twenty times faster than USB2. Not just speed but incredible expansion – you can daisy chain 6 Thunderbolt devices. The  Intel Core- i5 processor is literally twice the speed of the previous Mac mini. It comes with the very latest operating system – the Mac OSX 10.10 –  Yosemite. The 8Gb memory is easily upgraded to up to 16Gb via a twist and enter base panel. Connections: power, Gigabit ethernet, FireWire 800, HDMI, Now 2 xThunderbolt ports !, 4 x USB-3 slots, SDXC Slot and Audio in and Audio out and has internal WiFi and Bluetooth as standard. Will work with most keyboards and mouses – you can probably use the one you have.


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