iMac 21.5 inch Retina 3.0GHz


Sporting a New Six-Core i5 Processor- 8th Generation. Less reflective, more powerful and strikingly thin it has 60 per cent faster graphics. Just 5 mm thin at its edge, the new 3.0GHz 21.5 inch iMac is both state of the art and a work of art.
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This new Retina iMac 21.5 inch is the first time the 4k display has been available on that size iMac. Its amazing 4096×2304 pixel resolution supports millions of colours. Its the most advanced, most brilliant and thinnest iMac Apple have ever designed. It’s been re-engineered to reduce reflection by 75 percent and make you feel even closer to the visual action. With a third-generation Intel six-core i5 3.0Ghz processor ( Turbo Boost to 4.1Ghz), 8Gb of Ram Memory, 256GB SSD storage, superfast Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB VRam graphics, Thunderbolt, These are breakthrough new storage options, the slimmest iMac yet is also the most powerful. Just 5mm thin at its edge and 40% less volume this is an extremely elegant design. New technologies, new manufacturing techniques and new ways to do more in less space. The new IPS screen incorporates in-plane-switching technology that gives a brighter, instant and more uniform colour from nearly any angle

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Weight 5.68 kg
Dimensions 52.8 x 17.9 x 45 cm

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