Ram Memory Upgrades

Before you order Ram Memory from us – check what type of memory your Mac needs. This is easy – just go the Apple (top left corner) then choose ‘About This Mac‘, there next to ‘Memory‘ it will say if its 667Mhz (0r 1066 MHz or 1333MHz or 1600MHz etc) There are usually 2 slots in MacBook pros but often 4 slots in the later iMacs. If you go further into ‘More Info‘ then ‘Memory‘ it will show you whats in each bank of memory and then you can see what your options are. Usually you need to put memory in – in matched pairs to benefit from the speed increase from ‘interleaved memory’ which many will have.

If you are not sure – then just ring us and we can help you


About this Mac

Installing memory on the later MacBook Pros means removing 10 phillips screws with the correct tiny screwdriver and takes 5 – 15 minutes depending on how nimble your fingers are. Or if you bring the laptop in to us we can upgrade it in 5 minutes (free)  Remember you will normally need to order these in pairs to benefit from greater interleave speeds.

We sell memory for the more recent Macs online – but we stock a wider range to fit most historical Macs – Ring us to order

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 Ram iMac 27"  Ram-iMac-21&27'-Mid2010-11-90x49  MacBook pro 15" 2008  iMac C2D, MBP Pre-Unibody
Slimline iMac 27″ Ram iMac 21 & 27″ Mid 2010/11 MacBook Pro 15″ 2008 iMac C2D / MBP Pre-Unibody