Whether you have an audio studio in your bedroom or a professional sound studio – recording and editing on the Mac depends fundamentally on adequate Ram memory and health hard drives for editing and storage. We have found that hard drives that are intensely used, (filled to capacity and then files wiped) – often suffer from slow down and erratic behaviour. This is because fragmentation occurs when drives become filled and this becomes serious when they go into the last 10% of their capacity. The remaining space on the drive becomes ‘discontiguous’ or ‘not in a bloc’ and the only way forward is a proper wipe.

If it comes to this then it is important to completely wipe the drive(s) with a low level re-format. You may be able to do this yourself – but we offer an expert software service that is guaranteed to give you a drive ( whether an internal or external one ) a new lease of life and have it performing for you like when it was brand new.

Drop your computer or hard drive in to us in Bristol or send it to us – well boxed, by a reliable courier. We will turn a service around normally in 36 hours.

See our ‘MacRepairs – General Software Service’ for more details

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