New MacPro SuperTower Soon.


MacPro Tube

The New MacPro will be a little while longer before release but we know that it is a complete break from the previous tower design. It is much more compact (10 inches tall, 7″ diameter) and will rely on the new Thunderbolt 2 bus for expansion beyond the internal Solid State drive supplied. ( no traditional drive bay) It will be extremely fast (about twice as fast as the present one)- with the very latest Xeon E5 Processors with up to 12 cores and very fast memory (up to 128Gb  in four slots with 60 GBps bandwidth

Faster WiFi and Bluetooth, dual graphics cards, each up to 6Gb of dedicated VRam with two and a half times the performance of current models and will drive 3 x 4k displays  Prices (guess) will be from £1800 up to £3000. Maybe not what was expected – but this is Apple.




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