Software Service

Tantra Macintosh Computers offers a fast and well priced Mac Repairs service for both hardware and software problems.

Software Service: We recommend that you have all Mac Computers serviced about every 2 years (even more often if its in heavy use with large video or music files) Minor corruption & fragmentation of the Hard Drive directory usually slows it down. We will back up your data first, then wipe the drive with a low level reformat, install the latest system upgrade, install new versions of software, restore your data and test. This can take 36 hours and the standard charge is £225 + vat. If you have no data that needs to be backed up then the charge is £175 + vat


Has your Mac slowed down, is it crashing, unstable? Is the internet slow or just generally slow, crashing only in certain programs? Has it an over-filled hard drive, lost data, or just too small a hard drive? If when we start work on your computer if it is obvious you need more Ram or a bigger hard drive we will contact you before doing unproductive work and let you know the options.  We want you totally pleased with your service – a computer that runs like it did when it was brand new!

Data Recovery: If the drive still runs its easier and not expensive, if the drive is dead we can still often get data off but it costs a lot more

For full information:   Data Recovery