General Software Service

If your computer is slowing down or behaving erratically, or you spend too much time looking at a spinning beach ball or if it has been more than two years since your computer has had a service … then it may be time for a general software service.

This comprises Backing up the hard drive, Wiping drive with low-level format, Installing fresh Operating System – most recent if feasible, Install Software, Restoring your data, Customise your settings and Test – takes 36 hrs ——————————————-  £175  –  £225 + vat

Most of our services are done in our workshop where all our equipment is on hand. It is not easy to travel out to you with this and is inevitably more expensive for you if we do. We can travel out to you for Network problems and complex in-situ issues but often equipment with hardware problems still needs to come back to the workshop. Call out charges outside Bristol are higher due to travel time

Mac OS Upgrades
The speed and stability of your computer can be often enhanced by the latest Mac OS upgrades. iTunes may be demanding a later OS for compatibility with your iPod or iPhone. Let us quote you on the cost of doing this (including the safe backing up of your files and apps), before reformating the drive and installing firmware and OS upgrades