Apple Warranties

Apple Warranty Repairs – New Computers

The normal period of Warranty that Apple Computers offers free with NEW equipment is One year. You can deal with any Apple Store/ Apple Repair Centre worldwide for this. If you feel 1 year is not enough you can buy AppleCare which gives an extra 2 years ( 3 years in total) for between £70 and £280 depending on the computer.

AppleCare  for  Mac mini  £70
AppleCare  for  Apple Displays, Cinema Displays £70
AppleCare for   iMac 21.5 and 27 inch £140
AppleCare  for  MacBook Pro 13″, Macbook Air 11/13″ (inc Retina) £200
AppleCare  for  MacPro Tower £200
AppleCare  for  MacBook Pro 15.4″   (inc Retina ) £280

Please check the legal details of AppleCare Warranties at:

Computers received in for Apple Warranty Repair are received without liability as we must forward them to Apple. (Or you can save yourself carriage costs by taking it in to a main Apple Service Store anywhere in the world

Issues related to goods being within Warranty, Extended Warranty, Battery Exchange Program or any other Warranty program will remain an issue between the customer and Apple UK.

Issues related to goods damaged in transit will be deemed at the customers risk and compensation will rely solely on that paid by the Courier and/or standard CoverSure Cargo Cover Insurance.

Any disputes will solely be redressed by the Courier and CoverSure (If you are not happy with these arrangements you will need to arrange additional cover yourself. Tantra Ltd serve only to diagnose the likely fault and direct you to the best solution for this. We ship the goods to the appropriate Apple Repair Depot and we regret the customer is liable for the carriage costs there and back.

If Data needs to be backed up from the computer before it is sent off (when hard drive issues may be involved) we need to charge for this work as Software is NOT covered by the Apple Warranty Repair programs


Warranties  – Refurbished  Computers

The included warranty on Refurb equipment is limited to strictly 30 days – additional warranties may be available for purchase: 1 year between £100 and £160 or even  2 years between £200 and £300 depending on the value and age of the equipment. These can be taken out at time of purchase or must be within 60 days.

They may be bought direct from Square Trade via Ebay by entering the band code (see below) into the Ebay search:

I year Warranty (Laptop £500-£600)   1607 7713 2631  (no spaces)  £107.99
I year Warranty (Laptop £600-£700)   1607 7713 2668                        £119.99
I year Warranty (Laptop £700-£800)   1607 7713 2705                        £155.99
I year Warranty (Laptop £800-£900)   1607 7713 2572                        £167.99
I year Warranty (Laptop £900-£1000)  1607 7713 2602                       £191.99 

You will need to show a proof of purchase of the computer in the event of a claim


Warranties – Second Hand Computers

On some second hand equipment where we know the entire history of the computer we may offer a 3 month warranty – but these are very few.. Please ask for additional information about the risks inherent in second hand equipment – ( typically about 10% risk of failure – compared to 2% risk with new equipment )

Purchased warranties are most useful for insuring you in the first year of purchase – when you don’t know for sure whether equipment has any inherent problems -by the time you’ve had it for a year you will have known by then whether it has any. A high percentage of computers are likely to have some fault within 3 – 6 years whether a hard drive failure (most common) or optical drive failure, Ram, graphics or other more serious failure and so it is sensible to insure against the risk of this happening with warranty – but balancing the cost of this insurance against the likely cost of repairs! Warranties do not cover software failure, Loss, Accidental Damage, Theft or normal wear and tear. You must get computers to us that have a problem strictly within the Warranty period. It it not sufficient to report it but fail to bring it in within the period. It is also necessary that we do the repair here ( or if you have a Square Trade Warranty then where they specify)- you may not take it elsewhere and then bill us for the work.


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