Macbook Pro Refurbs

15-MacBookPro-RefurbRefurbished Macbook Pro

•  13.3″ Retina MacBook Pro Unibody   2.6Ghz Core-i5, 8 Gb Ram / 256Gb Flash Drive,   BT. APx, iSight  Mac OSX 10.11.3  El Capitan, Software, A1425, Mid 2013  Grade-A, Very Good condition, LiPol Battery 7-9 hrs  £755 + Vat

•  13.3″ MacBook Pro Retina Unibody   2.6Ghz Core-i5, 8Gb Ram / 250Gb Solid State Drive,  BT. APx, iSight  Mac OSX 10.10.5  Yosemite, Software, A1278, Late 2013  Grade-A, Very Good condition, LiPol Battery 6-7 hrs  £755 + Vat

•  13.3″ MacBook (White Acrylic) Unibody   2.4Ghz Core2Duo, 4Gb Ram / 500Gb Solid State Drive,  BT. APx, iSight  Mac OSX 10.10.5  Yosemite, Software, A1342, Late 2010   Very Good condition, Battery 3 hrs  £315 + Vat

( we can email photos of these to you on request)

• 15.4″ MacBook Pro Unibody A1286  2.2Ghz Intel Core-i7  8Gb Ram / 1000Gb Hard Drive, Superdrive,  BT. APx, iSight  AMD 6750/512 – 3000 HD Graphics, Mountain Lion + Software. Grade-A. late 2011, Very Good condition, Battery Cycles -551  £785 + Vat 

• 15.4″ MacBook Pro Unibody A1286  2.3Ghz Intel Core-i7  8Gb Ram / 1000Gb Hard Drive, Superdrive,  BT. APx, iSight  Intel 4000/384 HD Graphics, Yosemite 10.10.5 + Software. Grade-A. late 2011, Spotless –Very Good condition,   £735 + Vat 

• 15.4″ MacBook Pro Unibody A1286  2.4Ghz Intel Core2Duo  4Gb Ram / 1000Gb Hard Drive, Superdrive,  NVid/256 graphics, BT. APx, iSight  Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite + Software. 2008, Very Good condition,   £425 + Vat 

Its best to Telephone 0117 983 6999 and we can go through with you what is available today – as these change very quickly


Also Available:

•  MBP 15.4″ A1286  2.0Ghz  Core-i7  8Gb/500Gb SD MacOSX 10.9 Mavericks. Software 2011 Grade-B Good Condition       £600 + Vat

•  A1278 MBP 13″Core-i5 2.3Ghz 4Gb/750Gb SD MacOSX 10.9 Mavericks 2011 Software Grade-A2 V-Good Condition         £575 + Vat


•  iMac 27″Core-i7  2.93Ghz 8Gb/1000Gb SD, Mid-2010, MacOSX 10.10.5 Yosemite  Basic Software, Grade-B1 -Good Cond –    £700 + Vat

•  iMac 21.5″Core-i5  2.5Ghz 8Gb/500Gb SD, Mid-2011, MacOSX 10.10.5 Yosemite  Basic Software, Grade-B1 -Good Cond –    £590 + Vat

•  iMac 21.5″Core-i3  3.1Ghz 4Gb/250Gb SD, Late-2011, MacOSX 10.10.5 Yosemite  Basic Software, Grade-B1 -Good Cond –    £470 + Vat



Average pricing:

Near perfect laptops (Grade A) – 15″ models can be £650 – £950 + vat and the older (Grade B) £500 – £700 + vat. The newer smaller 13″ recent models (Grade A) about £700 + vat and the older (Grade B) ones from £400 – £600 + vat. Sometimes we have iMacs. They all come with a short warranty (30days) and are set up with system and basic software and are ready to go.


We usually have about 6 – ‘Once-loved Macs’ in stock and a few more on their way to us, PLUS we can get virtually anything from a long stock list from our suppliers.

Often it is better if you give us an idea of :

• what budget you are working to,
• what size laptop you are interested in ( 13″ 15″) and if you have any-
• preferences for how fast ( 1.8Ghz 2Ghz , 2.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz, 2.6Ghz , 2.8Ghz etc ) or
• how new it is (1, 2 3 4 or 5 year old) ,
• whether cosmetic appearance is important and generally
• what you intend using it for – to give us a better idea of what to look for


We grade the computers by their cosmetic condition into Grade-A, Grade-B and Grade-C.
Grade-A means though used, the computer is in top condition for its age and any cosmetic issues are minor.
Grade-B means though fully working and in general good condition, it has some noticeable cosmetic marks, dinks or defects.
Grade-C means that though functional the computer is tatty and in poor cosmetic condition.

Remember when you are considering buying second hand or refurbished that there is an inherent element of risk – About 12%. You can insure against this with a warranty but remember to cost the price of the warranty and computer and compare with New equipment which includes that as part of the package


We buy in old and even faulty equipment ( so long as its not too ancient!) or we can offer trade-in when you are upgrading. Let us see the equipment and we can offer you a fair price.

Warranties  – Refurbished or Second Hand Computers

The warranty on Refurb equipment is limited to strictly 30 days  and additional warranties may be available for purchase: 1 year between £100 and £160 or 2 years between £200 and £300 depending on the value and age of the equipment. These must be taken out at time of purchase or within 10 days. On some second hand equipment where we know the entire history of the computer we may offer a 3 month warranty – but these are very few.. Please ask for additional information about the risks inherent in second hand equipment – ( typically about 12% risk of failure – compared to 2% risk with new equipment )  A high percentage of computers are likely to have some fault within 3 – 6 years whether a hard drive failure (most common) or optical drive failure, Ram, or other failure and so it is sensible to insure against the risk of this happening with warranty – most of all in the first year after purchase.
Warranties do not cover software failure, Loss, Accidental Damage, Theft or normal wear and tear. You must get computers to us that have a problem strictly within the Warranty period. It it not sufficient to report it but fail to bring it in within the period. It is also necessary that we do the repair here ( or if you have a Square Trade Warranty then at Square Trade)- you may not take it elsewhere and then bill us for the work.