Laptop Upgrades

Older Laptops like Apple MacBook Pro 2009 – 2012  can have their useful lives extended in various ways:

Upgrading to Solid State (Flash) Drives (SATA form – for Pre-Retina MBP 13″ and 15″) which are 3 times faster are steadily coming down in price.
512Gb SSD costs from £95 to £135 (+ Vat) with fitting from £20 – £30
1000Gb (1TB) SSD (Samsung 850 EVO) cost £165 (+Vat) or SanDisk UltraII 1Tb -£145 (+ Vat)
Data Migration – if you need us to do that costs a further £35 – £45
We stock Samsung 860 EVO, 860 Pro, 860 QVO, Crucial M550, Kingston Now200, and SanDisk Ultra II.  Prices are gradually reducing so check with us.

Most will take Ram Memory Upgrades from 2Gb up to 4Gb (£40 +Vat)  or 4Gb up to 8Gb (£80 +Vat) and some will go to 16Gb (£170 + vat)

Bigger HD
Simply larger capacity Standard Hard Drives can make an enormous difference if you are always running out of space:  a Hybrid 1Tb Seagate internal upgrade costs only £89 + Vat for the drive and £20-£35 fitting,  2Tb Seagate internal upgrade (desktops only) costs only £119 +Vat. For Data Migration add a further £35 – £45 +Vat

Hybrid HD Upgrades
In between SSD upgrades and bigger HD upgrades there lies a technology far cheaper than SSD called Hybrid. This is a drive the same size and form as existing SATA Hard Drives (available in both 3.5″ for desktops and 2.5″ for laptops) which has an on-board Flash area quite large like 32GB of NAND flash memory with a fast 1TB (1000GB) Hard Drive. It has a 7200rpm axle speed which incorporates really sustained fast access speeds and an ever-improving system of intelligently handling and moving this cached storage onto the Hard Drive area. Apple calls their own hybrid models ‘Fusion’ drives and at first they had a massive 128Gb of flash storage embedded in the 1Tb Fusion drive but recent models of the Retina iMac have reduced the Flash area on the 1Tb to only 32GB ( the 2Tb and 3TB Fusion drives still have 128GB Flash) This HD +32GB Flash technology is now readily available to older iMacs and MacBook pros now from Seagate and drives are really affordable like £89 + Vat for the 1Tb (laptops) and £89 /£119 + Vat for the 1TB / 2TB (iMacs) Add £20 fitting for the laptops and about £35 – £45 (+vat) for the iMacs

Retina MacBook Pro (2012 and early 2013) SSD upgrades
Apple SSD options are more expensive and so many of the MacBook pros from 2012 and early 2013 had really small capacity 128GB or 256GB SSDs. This can be a real limiting factor for many people but now the  Flash drives (PCIe SSD) are available which perform slightly better than the Apple ones and cost half the price. Available in 240GB, 480GB and 1TB. Priced about £100, £160 and £250 + Vat  Fitting takes a half-hour and costs under £20. There is a smart matching external caddy for your old SSD for £35. We can do data transfer for you for £35 – £45 -or with the caddy you can even do the data transfer yourself.

This work can be completed in hours – usually within the same day if we are not too busy. Allow a little longer if you have a lot of data to transfer. Typically 100Gb per hour but longer for older computers.


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