Filled Drive Problem

A common problem we see is that when a computers drive is totally filled it is unable to start up because there is no remaining room for temporary cache space for the computer to function. Unpicking this is difficult because lots of files need to be deleted to get the storage back to having about 20% spare capacity. We don’t know what files to delete for you and its risky anyway, especially if the drive is a small one – typically a 128Gb Solid State drive. The Macbook Pro’s from late 2013 onward and certain Macbook Air models now use specially-made PCI-E drives for storage. Due to this, accessing data is a lot faster, however the drawback is that the storage in these newer models is greatly reduced… So the best options really are to upgrade the drive to a larger SSD, add an SD card or buy an external storage hard drive and move all the non-essential files on to it.

These are the three options:

Double your Internal Memory with PCI-SSD



(this is the storage in retina’s, 6x faster than regular HD’s

250GB PCI-Storage
Cost: £125 + VAT

480GB PCI-Storage
Cost: £185 + VAT

920GB PCI-Storage
Cost: £225 + VAT

We need to charge for our time fitting the SSD Drive & installing an operating system  £30 + Vat
Data transfer of all your files will have a time charge of £15 – £20 + vat

Lightning fast transfer rate
No need to work with 2 drives
much faster than the other 2 methods and less complicated to set up


Increase your storage with a Seagate External HD

  1TB Seagate Backup
  Cost: £59 + VAT

  2TB Seagate Backup
  Cost: £99 + VAT

  4TB Seagate Backup
  Cost: £139 + VAT


Don’t need a power supply – powered via USB
USB3.0 has a faster transfer rate than the SD card
Boasts x6 more space for the cost.
compact & portable hard drive,  11 x 8 cms, 170 gms













Tiny SSD
Micro-Sized 1TB portable SSD – Matchbox sized.
With USB-C and USB3.0 connection cable and adapter
Powered by the computer   £108 + Vat


Increase your storage with an SD card


128GB Storage
Cost: £30 + VAT

250GB Storage
Cost: £55 + VAT

Fits flush into the Macbook Pro/Air
Impossible to accidentally unplug
Ultra-Portable, Lightweight

(SD slots are only on laptops up to the end of 2015)