About Us

Tantra Computers is one of Bristol’s established retailers of Apple Mac products, with an exemplary approach towards customer service. We try to understand all your needs and can assist you in finding the exact solution to your requirements. With experience founded on 40 years of retailing and online service – dating originally from 1973, and computers from 1997, we have tried and tested knowledge you can trust.

We have some well established customers:  BBC, ITV, Bristol Old Vic, Terry Gilliam, CircoMedia, Big Squid, British Aerospace, Hurricane Media, Film at 59, Azimuth Print, Custom Labels, Wells Printing, Fly Piedrahita, Whitespace, Every Picture Media, Mail Boxes Etc, Pool Design, JFE Investments, Northbank Design, Papersmyths, Shift, Snowdon Gliders, Escape, Climbers Club,  Bruton Museum, AMI, Sound Lounge, Kaleid Editions, Immix Media, Blueband Creative, Strawberry Design, Spark, SOS Design, ACA, Green Oak, Meringue Media, Jo Townsend Architects, TipToe Design, County Business Directories, Rapid Eye Movies, Clifton Village Productions, Prontaprint, Sprint Print, Bristol Packet, Zed Photo, Zebedi, iDesign, East London Design, Opal Print, Plant a Box, Arcturus Publishing, Chelvey Design, Colorworks, Dover Co, Cipher Design, Bath Ales, Kennedy Publishing, Ordulph Arms, APG, Parthenon, Bath Gallery, Futurform, English Group, Silent Film, Badminton Homes, Hand Films, StoryBox Theatre, Trevor Barrett, Redcliffe Films, Niki Turner Designs, Pod Films, Polygon,  Amanda Clements, Prisma, TallDog Media, Cod Steaks, Shape Studio, Tangent Studio, BerlinBanks, Concept Photo, Cool Cat, Practise Productions, Gee Photo, Grace & Mabel, and many hundreds more.


Pete Douglas – a qualified graphic designer – established Tantra Designs in London in 1973. The word ‘Tantra’ means interwoveness, (scripture and esoteric philosophy). Originally we designed and sold ‘New Age’ Cards, Posters, Badges, clothing and the company grew and expanded to include producing art silk screen printing, Lithography and promotional graphic design with a staff of 14 people. We were using computers to produce the typography and art separations for printing and were early adopters of the first Macintosh Computers. In time we took over running the Bristol Mac User Group and were importing Mac kit from the US as it was not so easy to source in the UK. In time we became Mac Dealers and as this side of the business grew, we sold the giftware business and concentrated on Macintosh Sales and repairs.  There was a lot of additional personal information about Pete Douglas, his Paragliding, Photography and Prints which are still accessible at   http://www.tantra.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/tantra-legacy-site/contact/pete.html   -This link may not be clickable for security purposes but will work fine if you paste the URL into your browser