Software Service

Tantra Macintosh Computers offers a fast and well priced Mac Repairs service for both hardware and software problems.

Software Service: We recommend that you have all Mac Computers serviced about every 2 years (even more often if they are in heavy use). Leaving software services till you are forced to deal with nagging problems is not the best way and is a little like driving a car without checking the oil, tyres and water! Minor corruption & fragmentation of the Hard Drive directory usually slows it down. We will back up your data first, then wipe the drive with a low level reformat, install the latest system upgrade, install new versions of software, restore your data and test. This can take 36 hours and the standard charge is £225 + vat. If you have no data that needs to be backed up then the charge is £175 + vat


Has your Mac slowed down, is it crashing, unstable? Is the internet slow or just generally slow, crashing only in certain programs? Has it an over-filled hard drive, lost data, or just too small a hard drive? If when we start work on your computer if it is obvious you need more Ram or a bigger hard drive we will contact you before doing unproductive work and let you know the options.  We want you totally pleased with your service – a computer that runs like it did when it was brand new!

What is a software service?

What we do:

When performing a software service, we backup your data, wipe your drive (zeroing out data if the drive is a conventional hard drive).

We then install an upgraded operating system-  the best one for your computer and put your data back on. We then ensure the latest operating system is fully updated and then import your data. Following this, we check your data for errors, ensure that the machine is virus free and doesn’t have any strange/broken preferences or start-up items. We then add our collection of software to ensure you get the best experience for your Mac. We then ensure all of the permissions are set correctly and everything is configured for best performance.

Put this technically, these steps perform the following actions:

  • Rebuilding and re-optimising font cache
    Rebuilding Launch Services database
    Rebuilding Dynamic Link Services database
    Rebuild, clean and optimise application caches
    Resolves broken permissions
    Removes risk of application launch issues
    Removes out of date start-up items

What about physical hardware issues:

We strive to do our best to find and fix any physical issues with the machine. However, if we are working on several computers at once, it can be difficult to identify hard drive faults straight away, often due to the nature of these faults (sometimes the machine may behave normally until a specific application is launched or folder is opened).

If we do spot a hardware fault with the drive, we will have to replace the hard drive, and there is a separate charge for this.

We aim to be as upfront as possible, however issues with computers aren’t always upfront with us!

Please do tell us about any suspected water damage the machine may have experienced. This is due to the fact that the fault can cause corrosion on the board, slowly eating away at capacitors or connectors to the point that the whole logic board can go down.

Data Recovery: If the drive still runs and the data is visible its easier and not expensive, if the drive is dead we can still often get data off but it costs a lot more

For full information:   Data Recovery