Open During CoVid Lockdown for essential services

As Frontline Suppliers we will be open for Essential Repairs and sales – especially for Frontline workers, Students and those working from home during CoVid.
When you arrive please observe our CoVid Instructions in the lobby, fill in our Service Request / GDPR Form and leave your computer (without leads or bags, keyboards or power leads) in the lobby. give a brief note of the problem or what work you need doing.
Knock on the door and we will come out and take the computer, fully clean it then and again after the service. We will try to deal with any additional details by telephone. Please wear a mask and remain in the Lobby if you need to talk to us. Thanks for your help. Stay CoVid-Safe

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Trade-in and Recycle

Tantra often accepts your old computer as a Trade-In or for Recycling when you are buying new
(or newer) Computers from us.

We would like to see the computers to confirm what we will offer, but we may be able to give you an indication of its value in advance before you travel here if you could let us know its Serial Number (from ‘About this Mac’) and if possible its processor speed, memory and hard drive size.

Computers that are Core-i3 or Core-i5 still have value but those with the older Core2Duo processors (pre-2010 or older) are now relatively slow and worth quite a bit less. Anything pre-2008 is completely worthless.

If you are simply wishing to have the data transferred off the old hard drive in the computer but have no need for it after that – then we can recycle it for you.

We offer a free service of securely deleting hard drives if you have data that is personal, private or financial and can return the blank drive to you if you wish.


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New lower price Retina iMacs

Apple New iMac 27″ Retina models.

They now have considerably faster Solid State Storage Drives
& New AMD Radeon Pro 5300/4GB or Pro 5500X/8GB graphics

Also There is a Special Upgrade Option – 10th Generation 10xCore-i9 3.6GHz Processor for £400 – 500

imac 27 retina

iMac 27 retina

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New iMac Retina 5K 27 inch

iMacRetina 27 5K

The 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display is a force to be reckoned with  — with powerful technologies, incredible performance, our most advanced desktop operating system and amazing built-in apps. With a remarkable 5120×2880 resolution, you’ll experience everything on your display like never before.

Just think of it – this screen has a phenomenal 14.7 million pixels – a screen where the individual pixels cannot be seen. Ordinary HD screens have 2 million pixels, a 4K screen has 8.8 million but now Apple have a 5K screen with 14.7 million

Sharp text that’s as delightful to read on the screen as it is on the page. Photos that reveal details you never knew you were missing. Video that feels as lifelike as real life.

The Processor is the Fourth Generation Intel Core  with speeds up to 4GHz !  This is the most powerful iMac yet. A fourth-generation quad-core 3.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor is standard on iMac with Retina 5K display. And if you need even more power, a quad-core 4.0GHz Intel Core i7 processor is available for the first time.

Latest AMD Graphics with up to 3.5 Teraflops of graphics computing power. The new iMac with Retina 5K display features the latest AMD high-performance graphics with up to 3.5 teraflops of graphics compute power. So whether you’re watching a film or making one, playing a game or designing one, the power behind all those pixels delivers smooth animation, speed and responsiveness for the best visual experience possible.

Latest Fusion Drive Technology – this iMac Retina 5K  comes as standard with the 1Tb Fusion – with the option to upgrade to 3TB — giving you the best of both worlds: a high-capacity hard drive and high-performance flash storage. Fusion Drive automatically and intelligently manages your data so that frequently used apps, documents, photos and other files stay on the faster flash storage, while infrequently used items move to the hard drive. As the system learns how you work, your Mac experience gets even better. To opt for maximum performance, choose up to 1TB of flash storage though this is still expensive at present.

This new iMac has Thunderbolt 2.  Thunderbolt I/O technology offers extraordinary transfer speeds and incredibly versatile expansion capabilities. The new iMac with Retina 5K display comes with Thunderbolt 2 — delivering twice the throughput to provide up to 20 Gbps of bandwidth to each port. Connect high-performance peripherals such as external drives, cameras, and audio and video devices for the fastest data transfer yet.

Faster WiFi. This iMac supports ultra-fast 802.11ac Wi‑Fi. When it’s connected to an 802.11ac base station, you’ll experience up to 3x faster wireless performance.2 Your Wi‑Fi range improves as well.

USB 3 –  Every iMac comes with four USB 3 ports, with speeds up to 10 times as fast as USB 2. And the USB 3 ports are fully compatible with your USB 2 devices.

Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology is built in, so you can use your favourite wireless accessories straight out of the box.

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Mac Pro

Apple -normally a black legend for being close about new developments – have finally announced a replacement for the MacPro Tower and confirmed it will start to sell its new Pro workstation from December 2013.
That is a high priced market that continues to attract a certain customer and carries high margins. Over a third of the cost of a Pro Workstation can go on its GPU’s (graphics processors) – add-in boards from Nvidia and ATI. Professionals need to add memory – 16Gb, 24Gb 32Gb even 64Gb – and high-speed storage.
It’s not just graphic artists who need that power: Architects , Engineers and Designers with CAD requirements and computer aided manufacturing, but also Medical and Pharmaceutical research, and increasingly, data visualisation and analytics. Although some of this work is moving to servers or even the cloud, there is still a need for raw power next to the desk.
But then Apple is not content to build a big-box workstation like those from Dell, Lenovo or HP. Instead, it has opted for a cylinder-type design, cooled via a central duct. It only comes with solid-state storage, and has no internal expansion slots. Instead, Apple is promoting a new, fibre-based Thunderbolt 2 interface (the new Mac has six of these ports). Built-in, the computer comes with two graphics cards.
Despite its design, though, the new Mac Pro is more expandable than other Apple machines, such as the iMac, would suggest. According to MacUser, the SSD units can be swapped out, and the GPUs replaced – although an upgrade would have to be to another, Apple-specific card.
Companies such as Sonnet have announced Thunderbolt 2 chassis for PCI-e cards. This may add to desktop clutter for high-end users, but it keeps the computer smaller and cooler for everyone else.
How well this quirky computer, with an entry-level price tag of just over £2000, will sell remains to be seen. But Apple may well be right to design a niche machine for a niche market. The general business PC is a rapidly declining market, and Apple was one of the earliest companies to spot the trend towards portables, laptops and tablets.
It may well be the new Mac Pro is the last for a long time anyway. By the time this model reaches the end of its lifecycle, even high end computing could be on portables. Surely it can’t all go to the cloud?

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New iPhone 6 Preview?

After the underwhelming release of the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple are responding – it seems – with an iPhone 6iPhone6

Featuring an edge to edge Retina screen with slightly larger icons and covered with a high-tech graphite sheet making it virtually indestructible and the case in carbon fibre – light but strong. New Software and Powered by a Quad-Core 2.8Ghz Processor with 4Gb of Ram making it as powerful as the average computer!  Also returning to a Lightning 2 charger with a wider connector similar to the original iPhone. Is it just rumour and when will it be out – it could be a year away?


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Praise indeed

My most troubled customer -yes the one that rang at least 15 times with her problems (both life and computer related) called me a ‘sweetie’ today after I managed to sort out a problem over the phone. I didn’t actually do anything – just went through all the possible reasons why a CD might get stuck in the optical drive and suddenly hHey Presto – it came out on its own.  Made my day.


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New MacPro SuperTower Soon.


MacPro Tube

The New MacPro will be a little while longer before release but we know that it is a complete break from the previous tower design. It is much more compact (10 inches tall, 7″ diameter) and will rely on the new Thunderbolt 2 bus for expansion beyond the internal Solid State drive supplied. ( no traditional drive bay) It will be extremely fast (about twice as fast as the present one)- with the very latest Xeon E5 Processors with up to 12 cores and very fast memory (up to 128Gb  in four slots with 60 GBps bandwidth

Faster WiFi and Bluetooth, dual graphics cards, each up to 6Gb of dedicated VRam with two and a half times the performance of current models and will drive 3 x 4k displays  Prices (guess) will be from £1800 up to £3000. Maybe not what was expected – but this is Apple.




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Finally – The New Tantra Website is launched 10am June 15th 2013

After a lot of last minute security issues and order payment tests The New website (with online ordering) went live on Saturday.  I had begun (prematurely) to pester people by Facebook that this was all happening on friday the day before – so my apologies to all those i bothered when there was nothing for them to see till the following day.  Well I hope its not like the superstar who was expected at 10pm and didn’t arrive till 1 am –  No wonder the man said “just sing bitch”

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Approaching completion of website population !

Been working for weeks on bringing Apple Mac products, information and services into the website.

There are probably going to be over 100 – but most of the rest are smaller ones: peripherals, bits and pieces.

Upgrading to the latest sophisticated checkout software means site visitors can buy online with ease and peace of mind.

Our go-live date is 14th June and we plan to keep adding more products on a rolling basis.

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New Tantra website development

We have at last decided to do a major revamp on our main Tantra Website.

It will be totally re-styled and will incorporate online ordering, a blog and social media links so you can access all you need to keep up to date with Apple Mac products and news.

We especially want to continually add new Mac products and bring the latest innovations to everyone.

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